My reputation's clouded with dirt
team magma... rocks.

I am Courtney, Team Magma admin and first of the Three Fires.
Our goal is to expand the landmass to give to all pokemon and humans a better chance at life and to protect Hoenn's beautiful inland! come against us... and you will crumble.
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[I always took it as they got the information wrong originally- that translations of the original myth had been warped, as myths often are, and the orbs were confused long ago. 
Additionally, it claims the orbs calm the respective Pokémon, not awaken them. They may have picked the correct orb to awaken the legendary, but then had no way to control it afterwards.
Honestly I refuse to believe they are that gullible- and how sure they seem of their choices makes you think there was some mythological backing behind it, however wrong that backing was.]

((I never actually thought about the possibility that one orb was to be used to awaken the legendary and the other was meant to control it… Makes sense to me.

…except fot the whole disaster that happened in Sootopolis. With both orbs there, the pokemon should’ve calmed down, right? Or maybe the desire to destroy battle the other legendary was so strong that the orbs didn’t work? Or maybe Archie and Maxie were too busy at staring at eachother’s butts to concentrate and control the pokemon???))

Happy Valentine’s Day, Now Let’s Go Burn Shit Down


Anita had hoped the paisley that replaced the usual stripes would’ve let Courtney drop her guard a little bit, but apparently not. 'Oy, I'm not here as an Aqua, so can you just— deeep breaths. Explain calmly what's goin' on.'

In… out. There. Much better.

"No, I know it ain’t you who did it. I made a terrorist angry and he… lashed out on Hoenn. And Unova. I admit. Yellin’ at ‘im was fucking stupid of me. An’ I want your help to get ‘im.”

"You… talked… to a terrorist."

Courtney let out a long sigh, voice quiet, awfully calm, almost as if she was trying to control her anger- and that alone screamed danger. She felt her blood boiling, her teeth biting down on her tongue in a useless attempt to deal with her temper.

A fucking terrorist.
A fucking terrorist DARED touch my Hoenn.

"A terrorist. You angered a terrorist and he blew up Slateport."

The admin pulled down her red hood, locking eyes with the woman in front of her. The Aqua here wanted Courtney’s help? She’d have it. She’d have it without a second thought, because no one touches Hoenn and gets away with it.

"Tell me what you need."

Happy Valentine’s Day, Now Let’s Go Burn Shit Down


This Valentine’s Day was anything but happy for the poor, annoying fish pun woman. After learning that her favorite places were Unova and Hoenn, that fucking creep bombed the both of them.

So she needed help. Help that no member of Aqua could adequately give.

She needed the pyromaniac.

So she didn’t wear the uniform this time around. Best to dothis in street clothes. No need to associate her team or her boss with any of this.

"Ay, Courtney- You busy? ‘Cause you’re prob’ly the only one who can help."

The whole Slateport disaster had bothered Courtney a bit too much for her own taste. While she herself had been the cause of… similar accidents, nothing this big had ever hit Hoenn. 

Hoenn was an island. Hoenn liked peaceful and quiet days. Hoenn liked staying out of trouble- but apparently, this time round, trouble had found Hoenn… And now Aqua had found Courtney. Couldn’t even keep her eyes fixed on the horizon in Slateport’s direction without this grunt bothering her, could she?

"Help?" she asked, scoffing. "I’m not going to the police, if that’s what you’re hinting at. It wasn’t me, dammit. Who in their right fucking mind would fuck things up like that, uh?" 

The admin growled, violently pulling her unifom’s hood over her head. Fuck. Why was someone messing with her home?